Reclaimed Cleveland

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Reclaimed Cleveland designs and manufactures superior quality custom furnishings and interior installations utilizing reclaimed wood sourced and upcycled in the United States for a global market.

We are the industry leader in the scalable production and marketing of superior quality custom furnishings and interior installations made from reclaimed wood that benefits our local and global community through functionality, sustainability and preservation of our nation’s history.

Craftsmanship, design, innovation, service, sustainability, community


In 2006, Western Reserve Land Conservancy was created by the largest-ever merger of land trusts in the United States. Eight local land trusts in northern Ohio voluntarily joined forces to form a private, nonprofit conservation organization for a region that stretches from Sandusky Bay to the Pennsylvania border and from Lake Erie to Wayne County. The eight local land trusts that merged to form the Land Conservancy in 2006 had collectively preserved about 8,000 acres. In the four-year span that followed the merger, they have preserved 13,402 acres. 

A generous, unsolicited gift from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous has enabled the Land Conservancy to build a new campus and conservation center in Moreland Hills. The project that created the Land Conservancy’s new home was part of a six-year, multi-phase land protection project that permanently preserved about 135 acres in Moreland Hills, creating beautiful, publicly accessible hiking trails and further extending Forest Ridge Preserve. A painstakingly restored (and recycled) 5,000-square-foot historic century home and newly constructed, environmentally-responsible 11,000-square-foot addition now houses the Land Conservancy’s main office.

The Land Conservancy specified innovative, environmentally friendly and economically responsible materials and initiatives wherever possible. It insisted on selecting products and processes that are less costly, more energy efficient, more durable, locally sourced, and generally better for the surrounding community and for the world at large than many conventional ones. In keeping with this agenda the WRLC commissioned us to produce much of the case goods for the building.