Reclaimed Cleveland

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Reclaimed Cleveland designs and manufactures superior quality custom furnishings and interior installations utilizing reclaimed wood sourced and upcycled in the United States for a global market.

We are the industry leader in the scalable production and marketing of superior quality custom furnishings and interior installations made from reclaimed wood that benefits our local and global community through functionality, sustainability and preservation of our nation’s history.

Craftsmanship, design, innovation, service, sustainability, community


When considering the interior for their new space in the East Bank tower, Tucker-Ellis wanted to create an environment as unique and special as its location. The job was tasked to ASD, an Atlanta-based firm with a 50-year history of creating unique interiors with a sustainable bend. One of the key communal areas in the Tucker-Ellis suite was the break room / café space. ASD’s Margaret Nysewander envisioned a space that would foster interaction and balance the sophistication of the firm with the history of Cleveland. To help achieve this, she called on Reclaimed Cleveland. 

Ms. Nysewander met with Reclaimed Cleveland’s design team including David Meyers, Aaron Gogolin, and Deej Lincoln to discuss concepts for the space. Her idea was to use salvaged material for a large communal table, café tables, and a coffee table. As part of the design process, Ms. Nysewander along with Tucker-Ellis’ David Hargis toured Reclaimed Cleveland’s 40,00 square foot warehouse of inventory that includes a variety of salvaged lumber from factories, homes, and commercial structures and over 4,000 hand-made wood sand-casting foundry forms.


Reclaimed Cleveland produced 3-D renderings and shop drawings for client review and approval.



The delivered products included a 86” x 39” wood top communal table with a custom “waterfall’ blackened steel base, a group of café tables with modified industrial tri-pod bases, and a 46” diameter glass-top foundry pattern coffee table. Each piece has an inlaid laser-etched “coin” that includes the address for where the material is sourced.